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Trusted by over 1500 eyelash customers as their premier lash vendor.  Key Lashes has built the most reliable wholesale eyelash business to make your business much more profitable and easier.

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8 Years Of Experience as a Professional Eyelash Vendor and Supplier

Keylashes has been a successful challenger as one of the most trusted lash vendors. We manufacture and wholesale mink lashes, faux mink lashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash glue, eyelash cleansers and removers, eyelash boxes and all lash-related beauty tools. We honor credits, abid contracts, prioritize quality and always put customers first. That is why we win our customers’ trust. Now we have established long-term and stable cooperation with many chain brands, agents, beauty retail stores, eyelash online stores, training schools, eyelash salons and home starters.

What we offer?

As one of the top eyelash vendors, we provide compenhensive products and services to meet your high demends. We wholesale mink lashes, lash extensions supplies, eyelash extension kit, custom eyelash packaging and more

Eyelash Extension Supplies

Premier Korean PBT eyelash extensions

Mink Lashes Wholesale

High quality 3d mink lashes, faux mink lashes and silk lashes from 16mm to 25mm

Eyelash Extension Glue

CE & ROHS certificated superior eyelash extension glue

Eyelash Cleansers

RoHS and MSDS certificated eyelash extension cleansers and removers

Lash Boxes

Custom eyelash boxes, branding your eyelash business

From Our Customers

Read how our customers say about Key Lashes from the real world-We care about our customers' privacy, so we hide all the customers information below

customer testimonials
"I am honest with you I like the products and would also like to work with you in the future. I do not need too large quantities currently. The business is getting better with us. At the moment we need glue and want to test it out, can you make us a good price for 30 glue?"
German Customer
Purchased 200 trays of eyelash extensions
"OK. I order 100 packages and then send the photo for the front and the back. As soon as I have received the 100, I will order from you regularly. I am looking forward to our collaboration."
German customer testimonial
German Customer
Purchased 3D mink lashes with
magnetic lash box
"I received the package! Shipping was so fast, I am very impressed! And the lashes are beautiful!! I will purchase again soon♥️♥️♥️♥️"​
L.A. Customer
Purchased 3D mink lashes 80 pairs in 3 style

Best Eyelash Extension Kits

Optimized eyelash extension kits for your business

We optimized all the products and tools in each lash extension kit for starters and advanced artists. We create  student kits, starter kits and professional kits for you to offer best services to your customers. You can also select your preferred items in your lash kit from our comperhensive opitions

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How to market your eyelash business

Make your products everywhere and stand out everywhere

Qualified In :

keylashes compliant with ISO9001
keylashes compliant with CE Certificate
keylashes compliant with RoHS
keylashes compliant with REACH Certificate
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