About Us

Key Lashes is an emerging manufacturer and vendor in the global eyelashes industry. We provide eyelashes and eyelash application solutions that cater to the needs of eyelash users and traders. Key Lashes understands the delicate nature of the business and has worked towards developing eyelash solutions that are superior and customer-centric. We aim to provide quality eyelash solutions that help users of false eyelash to stay in style without compromising their comfort. We have achieved this by truly mastering the art and science of how eyelashes are created.


Why Choose Us ?

We have over 8 years of lash manufacturing experience that has helped us curate products for both experts and new comers in the industry. Key Lashes is a one-stop vendor for businesses looking to start or enhance their eyelash product and service offerings. All our products are of professional grade and adhere to the highest safety standards established in the segment.

Key Lashes delivers eyelash solutions that are value-driven and curated by professionals who have been in the industry for years. We continuously innovate and improvise to meet the rapidly changing demands of the eyelash segment. Ensuring timely dispatch of your order is also a primary goal of each employee at Key Lashes. These practices contribute greatly in helping us always stay ahead of our competitors and keep you updated with the latest product offerings.

Key Lashes Team

Value + Products

Whether you are a professional beautician looking to transform your client or a trader engaged in eyelash business, our products will help to add a competitive edge to your services. The products offered by Key Lashes are a result of years of research and impeccable designing practices. The signature eyelashes and accessories offered by our company are used by thousands of artists globally. Our products have helped them to garner maximum satisfaction from their customers.

Efficiency + Services

At Key Lashes, it is not only about delivering products to our customers but also providing excellent services and customization add-ons. Our services extend well beyond providing instant quotes and easy refund options to our clients. We offer high customization options like personalized logo design, eyelash packaging and private labels. This helps us add true value to not only our clients but to the entire industry.

Excellence + Team:

Team integration is an important part of every organization. We are proud to share that Key Lashes is run by a dynamic and passionate team that is committed to adding value and enhancing user experience in the eyelashes business. The excellent teamwork of the staff at Key Lashes is what fuels the growth of our company. With experienced professionals leading the different verticals of the organization, we hardly leave any room for compromise on any front.

We Take Care of Your Order

Meet Our Creative Team

Photographer and Graphic Manager-Lin


Photographer and Graphic Manager

Lin is a visual style enthusiast who is at the forefront of driving the growth of Key Lashes. He graduated from Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts and has 5 years of experience in professional lash photography. His exemplary graphics acumen is reflected in creative ideas that transcend conventional thinking. Lin’s Photography and Graphics skill elevates our signature eyelash products. Precision and consistency are what perfectly defines his work ethics at Key Lashes.

Eyelash Designer-Cho


Eyelash Designer

Hailing from the prestigious Shandong University of Art & Design, Yong has been curating amazing eyelash designs. Innovative and resistant, Yong designs eyelashes that are trendsetters in the industry. He has more than 10 years of experience in designing eyelashes. His designs possess an unconventional look and feel that is making our eyelashes popular globally.

Sales Manager-Candy


Sales Manager

Candy is our self-motivated and dynamic Sales Manager who evaluates and drives sales across all the product verticals at our company. Passionate and observant, she has an experience of 13 years in the lash business. Her vision is not only limited to increasing sales volumes but also ensuring that clients are provided with excellent support. Candy has worked hard in mentoringthe staff at Key Eyelashes to establish long-standing client relationships.

QC Manager-Zoe


QC Manager

Zoe looks into the quality and standardization of our eyelash production processes. With over 20 years of experience in the hair and eyelashes market, there is hardly anyone who understands the product development procedures more than her. Highly professional and extremely dedicated she ensures that the production unit functions efficiently to deliver high-quality eyelashes, tools and accessories to our clients.

Strip Lashes are one of the most widely used eyelashes in the market. While most vendors in the industry use cheap synthetic materials to manufacture strip eyelashes, we pride over ourselves in using pro-grade materials to manufacture Strip Lashes. All Strip Lashes manufactured at Key Lashes are 100% handmade which provides consistency in the quality of every unit produced.

All our Eyelash Extensions are created using high-quality PBT material. This allows us to build complex and durable designs that are admired by users of all age groups. Our eyelash extensions are also equipped with curl hold technology that ensures they extend a realistic look when attached to your natural eyelashes. Key Lashes uses 100% hand-made technology to manufacture eyelash extensions.

Our Eyelash Glues use a specially designed and in-house formula that enables us to limit the use of chemicals and artificial synthetics in our eyelash adhesives. This prevents skin irritation and makes them a safe range of glues that can be used in the application of eyelashes. Key Lashes eyelash glues carry the necessary certifications like RoHs, CE and MSDS.

Eyelash Cleaners and Removers offered by Key Lashes provide a gentle and effective way of removing eyelashes. They are created using high-quality ingredients that have been specifically designed to easily remove lashes without causing skin irritation. Our eyelash cleansers range include shampoos, creams, oils, gels and primers. They are backed by the necessary RoHs, CE and MSDA certifications which makes it completely safe for use.

We also offer customizable eyelash boxes that can add a competitive advantage to your business. These are available in distinct patterns and are manufactured from high-quality materials. Our Eyelash boxes have been designed to provide value enriching eyelash storing solutions. These can be really beneficial for retail stores as the eyelash boxes will help in improving the visual appeal of your eyelashes. It can contribute to higher sales volume and customer satisfaction levels.

Key Lashes is also a leading provider of customized eyelash extension kits and tools. These include basic to advanced tools and accessories that can be used by all types of artists. We can also customize and provide eyelash tools and accessories for training students. All the tools undergo strict quality control checks to provide maximum utility to our clients

OEM/ODM: Private Label

We make it easy for you to sell our products under your own brand name. Just let us know the details of your brand and labeling and we will do the rest for you. At Key Lashes, we also offerdedicated support to help you create your brand and logos.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

you can customize every inch of your lash boxes. Select the material, color and design that you want your eyelash boxes to adorn and we will have it ready for you. Our superior printing technology provides you the option to play around with colors and design of the lash boxes.

Minimum MOQ

As an eyelash manufacturer, sufficient stock is one of our key advantages. So for small orders, will ship from our warhouse directly without MOQ if you require no logo. And we only apply small MOQ for private label orders due to customization.

Fast turnaround

Our efficient production, packaging, designing and logistics teams work hard to ensure there is minimum lead time. On average orders are shipped within 3-5 days. Bulk and high customization orders may take a little longer to ship due to the complexities involved

Volume Discounts

When ordering from Key Lashes, your company will benefit greatly by placing bulk orders. We offer lucrative volume discounts that are well ahead of what is offered by others in the industry. This can vastly help your company in maximizing its profits.

Easy Refund

Our refund policies are directly aligned with the customer-centric brand values of Key Lashes. The policies are convenient to place request for return, exchange or refund of your order. Our team will take it up on a priority basis and will make all efforts to get it resolved quickly.

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