Best 100+ Eyelash Business Names 2020

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eyelash business name ideas

The name of your eyelash business is as important as the quality of the products you are going to offer. Selecting a great lash brand name is equivalent to an incredible marketing strategy. A catchy brand name will give strong leverage to your business’s growth and spread awareness about your company.

eyelash business names

Best names for your brand

The brand name is focused on the product and services that a company offers. Using words like ‘Lash’, ‘Eyelash’, ‘Eye’ and ‘Brow’ in your brand name will help consumers understand what products your brand stands for.

  1. Core Lashes
  2. High Eye Lashes
  3. Blink Labs
  4. Little Eye Lashes
  5. Lash Ground
  6. Lash Care
  7. Lash Will
  8. She Lashes
  9. Lash Most
  10. Tetra Lashes
  11. Fourth Eye Lashes
  12. Enlightened Lashes
  13. Youthful Eyelashes
  14. Solid Eye Lashes
  15. Fair Eye Lashes
  16. Eye Lustrous
  17. Eye Studied
  18. Lashes Dusk
  19. Lashes Delicacy
  20. Lashvio
  21. Lashes Active
  22. Lashes Esteem
  23. Lashes Storm
  24. Eye Beckon
  25. Lashes Naked
  26. Lash Lada
  27. Lashes Panther
  28. Approach Lashes
  29. Valiant Lashes
  30. Rely Lashes
  31. Spellbound Lashes
  32. Intrinsic Eyelashes
  33. Lash Nest
  34. Breed brows
  35. Brigade Lashes
  36. Breed Brows
  37. Space Brows
  38. Galore Eyelashes
  39. Sharp Eyelashes
  40. Sheer Eyelashes
  41. Lashry
  42. Paragon Lash Extensions

Best name ideas for your company

The company name should encapsulate all the product offerings that your organization is going to offer. The company name should establish a strong relationship with the diverse product portfolio you have.

  1. Lash Grande
  2. The Lash Direct
  3. Connected Lashes
  4. Eye 4 Win
  5. EyeCon
  6. Lashes Kitty
  7. Lashes Faith
  8. Eye madam
  9. Lashes Darling
  10. Brows Salt
  11. Brows Corporation
  12. Eye Accelerate
  13. Eye Flawless
  14. Eye Carnations
  15. Eye Autumn
  16. Eyeaholic
  17. Eyelashes For You
  18. Eyelash Business
  19. Collective
  20. Crew
  21. Creations
  22. Stamp Brows
  23. Wings Brows
  24. Marine Lashes
  25. Switch Brows
  26. Cleanse Lashes
  27. Lashadora
  28. Stunner Lashes
  29. Factory Lashes
  30. Prosper Lashes
  31. Planned Brows
  32. The Lash Dollar
  33. Liquid Lashes
  34. Grind brows
  35. Achieve Lashes
  36. Geek Brows
  37. Lash lance
  38. Lashadil
  39. Launch Lashes

Best name ideas for studios and salons

An eyelash studio is where people come to style themselves. So you should have an innovative and catchy name. You can use nouns and adjectives to create a thoughtful name.

  1. Brows Smush
  2. Lashes beach
  3. Brows Rank
  4. Eye Studio 19
  5. EyeDesign Palace
  6. Eye Studio 101
  7. Studio EyeCon
  8. Salon Eyemark
  9. Brows Absolute
  10. Brow Lessons
  11. Brows Eternal
  12. Lashes Access
  13. Crew Lashes
  14. Action Lashes
  15. Ease Lashes
  16. Eye Studio Plus
  17. Enter Lash World
  18. Night Angel Makeup
  19. Stellar Eyelash Point
  20. Eyelash Boutique
  21. Ult Lashes
  22. Smooch Brows
  23. Timeout Brows
  24. Leaner Brow
  25. The Lashporium
  26. Prop Brow
  27. Extensions
  28. Lovely Eye Den
  29. Lashadora
  30. Ethereal Eye Point
  31. Conquer Eye Studio
  32. Enchanted Eye Bay
  33. Insight Lash
  34. Opulence Studio
  35. Cycle Lash Studio
  36. Velocity Lash Salon
  37. Right Lash House
  38. Blended Studio
  39. Harley Brows
  40. Lash Fitness Point
  41. Gorgeous Lash
  42. Hideout

Top 10 Eyelash Business Names to get inspired by

Everyone needs a little inspiration. Checking out your competitors’ best business names can inspire you to come up with an even better on. Here are 10 of the catchiest names:

  1. Xtreme Lashes: The name is what the clients should expect to get. It is short, simple, but incredibly catchy. It gives you the impression that the business will go to any extremes to bring you the lashes of your dreams. 
  2. Lily Lashes: Lily is the name of the owner and also gives a cute feel to the name.
  3. The Lush Lounge: It is quite an attractive name, don’t you agree? It makes you feel that they are the experts in beauty products or any professional advice. There is no denying how easy it is for this name to get clients flocking in from all corners.
  4. Lash out:  The name in itself appeals to the ladies to go all out on their lashes. There are no taking chances with this beauty product. Very catchy and creative. 
  5. Allure lash lounge: It is a luring name for any lash and beauty lovers. It is hard not to get curious about their services and expert advice. 
  6. The lash boutique: As simple as the name is, it is still appealing. You get the idea that you will certainly obtain all your favorite eyelashes here. And who wouldn’t like that? 
  7. House of lashes: Like the boutique, it also grabs your attention. Anyone would want to live in a house of lashes—the perfect second heaven for any lady. 
  8. Key Lashes: The word ‘Key” in the name symbolizes the importance that the company pays to false eyelashes and related products.
  9. Kiss my lash: That is a sexy name. And using this brand makes anyone feel sexy. It appeals to the emotional state of the clients but still reserving the imagination bit. 
  10. Uptown girl: It is a lash studio name. You can tell who the target clients are and what to expect. The name is simple but fits the bill completely.

How to name your eyelash business

Sexy lash business names will go a long way to ensure that your brand is famous. That is the best branding strategy for for any business. But it has to be recognized for all the right reasons. You, therefore, need to be extra careful with the name you pick when you start your lash business. That applies in naming your lash studio, company, or brand.

A catchy name that you can easily remember is strategic in flocking in more clients. Or to retain the ones you already have. To get the best titles that will make your marketing successful, you should follow these simple step-by-step procedures.

  • Competitor analysis

As a newbie in the lash business, you may have little or no idea of running this kind of business. And the naming may also be a challenge to you. You can begin by doing a thorough analysis of other companies that inspire you.

Check out their brands’ names and find out what they all have in common. Remember, it is easy to beat a competitor you know and understand their styles. Although copying is easy, try to come up with a better and more unique name from theirs.

  • Brainstorming

The best ideas are always somewhere in the back of your mind. You can bring them out through a good old-fashioned brainstorming. In brainstorming a lash studio name, you need to know the kind of services you will offer. Is it going to be just a lash studio, or will you provide more services?

It would be best to determine who your target clients are, why they and the product you expect to appeal to them. Narrow down the aspect of your lash business that makes it special or unique. Is it the price? Are they better than your competitors?

From there, the rest is easy. The above questions guide you by crafting a name that appeals to your target clients’ emotional and financial states. A good example is a lash studio with the title, Young Rich Lash and Makeup Salon. It has the target audience and the services you are offering. Try it yourself. The names you come up with may amaze you.

  • Shortlist those raw ideas

Now that you have come up with different names, you must shortlist them to at least three more appealing ones. You can strike off the words that are less memorable, difficult to pronounce, and spell. The names you keep have to be comfortable and memorable. That way, you have enough of the best choices to choose from before finalizing.

  • Get feedback

Now that you have the names you shortlisted and are comfortable with them, it’s time to find out how good they work. You can ask your target audience what they like about the name, how they would spell it, and what comes to their mind when they first hear it. The feedback is to help you know how relevant the word is to your business. And whether you intended it to sound like a brand name for your business.

  • Check its availability

Sometimes you may come up with unavailable names. That is why you should shortlist at least three words. Check the terms online to know if another company already uses it in your region. The name you come up with must be available for trademark registration.

  • Finalize the name

Now that you have the name that you can register with trademark, finalize the name. Remember, the name has to be free from any legal consequences.

Top 5 Business Name Generators that you can use for your eyelash business

Although coming up with a name for your eyelash business isn’t impossible, it can still be challenging. Business name generators are available to make your work easier. These name generators also check the availability of the name. That way, you get a name that you can use and register. Here are five business name generators you can use to give you a push in the right direction.

Shopify’s Business Name Generator allows you to create a brand name within seconds. All you have to do is enter a search query and the tool will display up to 100 names. You can also reserve the business name on Shopify. However, it does not offer advanced filters to sort lash names by industry or provide information on domain availability. 

Enter the keywords and you can get up to thousands lash business names. Business Name Generator also offers you the option of applying filters like the number of characters or words, rhyming and selecting the industry. You can also click on a business name to check if the domain is available. 

With Webhosting Geeks you get the option to select the length of your domain and where to place the keywords – start, middle or end in the domain name. Clicking on the business names will also show if the business names are available to register as a Domain and on Twitter. 

Freshbook offers an interactive tool to select a Company name. You first need to select your industry and enter a keyword. The tool will display a list of 3 business names that are closely related to your keyword. If you want more names, you can select the option ‘Show Me more names.’ The name ideas offered by Freshbooks look professional and can be used for your business. The only drawback is that you do not get information on the availability of a domain. 

With Namelix you can use advanced filters like selecting the Name Style. Select rhyming words, real words, misspellings, etc. The filters are based on the idea behind naming the most valuable companies. Namelix also displays possible brand marks or logos that you can use for your company. So if you like their suggestions, you can also buy the brand mark for your business.

Final say

Well, there is no denying what a perfect name can do for your eyelash business. To scale the heights of success in a business, you should look for a relevant, appealing, short, and memorable name. But if you ever have any challenges crafting a proper name, use business name generators. Or you can contact us for a tailored name to your eyelash business.

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