12 Best Eyelash Websites to Inspire You in 2021

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Eyelashes have now become an essential element of makeup for millions around the globe because it helps to extend a gorgeous and eccentric style to their eyes.

With the size of the eyelash industry expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2025, many brands have decided to enter into the foray.

To fulfill this potential demand of customers, it is important for eyelash brands to have a website to directly reach out to customers. A professional eyelash website is necessary to develop an impactful brand that helps you promote your products and services.

To give you a deeper insight into the best website design, we have created a list of the best eyelash websites that offer a palatial feel on their page. Looking at their impactful design layouts will inspire you to create a perfect website for your brand.

Best Eyelash Websites

As an eyelashes brand owner, you must understand what goes into creating an interactive website design. To narrow it down for you, we looked at some of the best lash extension websites and discovered the following things:

They display a clear description of their eyelash business

Their websites are visually appealing and easy to navigate

They try to convey a story through their home page

Make use of customer-generated content like reviews and Instagram plug-ins

Use multiple images of a product to give a deeper insight into the design

They aim to sell the experience and not the product

Use transitions and videos to enhance the look of products

Let’s take a look at these eyelash websites and see how they are killing it with their design.


Ardell is one of the global leaders in the eyelash business with 50 years of experience and 200+ styles of eyelashes. Their homepage displays a catchy image displaying exciting offers without pushing too much. To create a powerful impression it’s homepage uses close-up images of models wearing their eyelashes.

They have used catchy lines of 2-3 words like “ALL TREATS, NO TRICKS,” for different categories of products. This helps to grab the attention of visitors.

Each product page displays multiple high-quality images that include an image of the premium eyelash packaging boxes in which all their products ship. There is an option to write reviews as well.

There is also a How To-Dos section to add more value.

  1. Velour Beauty

Velour makes 100% hand-made lashes that are lightweight and can be used for more than 25+ applications. Their Black and White website design gives an elegant and rich feel. The use of white text on high-resolution backgrounds impeccably conveys information about their products and services. There are very few products on the landing page which ensures it doesn’t seem like overselling.

All the product pages have:

Story-style product descriptions

Before and after look images

Video of models applying the product

Customer reviews

  1. Lotus Lashes

Lotus Lashes provides high-quality luxurious lashes at a lucrative price option to their customers. The homepage displays information about active offers on the top. The homepage has images of models in different poses, set on a black backdrop with sparkling golden stars. It perfectly resonates with the glowing appearance that its Lashes are designed to provide.

Each product page mentions the important features in bullets and displays the exact measurements of the product.

  1. Lilly Lashes

Lilly Lashes is the most preferred eyelash brand for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. It uses a black, white and golden color palette to provide an intuitive experience on the website. They also show-off their superior packaging lash boxes on their website.

Lilly Lashes uses a black, white and golden color palette to provide an intuitive experience. It also displays the superior packaging lash box they use for their products.

The website has a quiz called “Find My Lash” that helps visitors to find out the best eyelash for them by entering some generic answers. It adds a lot of value to the website.

The Blogs and Tutorials for the customers are a great resource. To convey the popularity of its products, there is a “Social Influencers” page where they display information about social influencers wearing their eyelashes.

  1. Esqido

Esqido is a luxurious lash brand that is trusted by Hollywood makeup artists, beauty professionals and A-list celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid

Its homepage uses a baby pink matte background color on the homepage. The images of premium eyelash packaging boxes add another layer of exuberance. It has an uncomplicated look with easy to navigate functionality. The images on the homepage zoom-in and zoom-out to create an immersive experience.

All product pages display multiple high-quality images of product and closeup of models wearing them. The website also has a blog section.

  1. House of Lashes

House of Lashes stands apart for offering premium eyelashes at affordable prices. This is a website that does perfect justice to its eyelash business name. Just like a house, everything on their website is well-organized. At the top of their homepage, they have menu options to take customers to different sections like:


Eye Shape Guide


Storie, etc.

What this does is, it keeps the viewers hooked to the website even if they are not there to shop. To make it more interesting it also displays names of popular magazines in which they have been featured.

  1. Glamnetic

Glamnetic has reinvented the eyelashes product portfolio with its easy to wear magnetic lashes and liners that can be worn by women of all age groups. Its website uses vivid colors paired with animated content to highlight their product offerings. Quirky images set against a white background add to the spark.

On the homepage, they use videos to display a simple visual guide on how to style yourself with an eyelash. Support for Live Chat also adds to the user experience.

  1. Sugar Lash Pro

Sugar Lash Pro is a brand that offers luxury lash supplies and advanced lash training. Big and bold white texts have been used on the homepage. It has been set against a zoomed-in background of an eye that gives an intimate feel. Black menu backgrounds with white text make it easy for visitors to browse the website.

Each product page has a single image of the product featured in their unique packaging. The best part about their product pages is that customers can uploads pictures while writing reviews. The images are displayed as small thumbnails that give an authentic experience to viewers.

For the training sections it displays information about each educator with their black and white image.

  1. Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes is the world’s most trusted name in semi-permanent eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions compatible skincare and cosmetics. They offer the best eyelash training experience by providing courses to individuals of all skill levels. To engage with different audiences they have a separate Professional and Consumer Menu. To extend a premium look it uses a grid-style layout for different categories.

Product pages display a spectrum of information regarding material, shelf life, care instructions and directions to use. The use of a white background and black font color is just perfect.

  1. Bella Lash

Bella Lash is a leading lash brand in Utah Valley that caters to all the segments of the industry – products, training and education. Its website gives out copious and admiring vibes with their poised design. It uses large-sized images to visually communicate about the products. A quick search bar on the top right allows customers to browse for what they want.

There is a new product section on the bottom which helps customers to keep a tab on their latest arrivals. Red and black buttons are displayed when a customer hovers over the image. This encourages visitors to take immediate action.

  1. Amazing Lash Studio

Amazing Lash Studio is a Lash Salon that provides customers with eyelash extensions and services with the help of highly-trained professional artists. They are a Lash Studio that does not sell products on the website. Still, the simple red and white appearance of the website succeeds in getting the attention of viewers.

The red text talks directly to customers. Within a few sentences, they help customers get an idea about the experience they can get at their studios.

There is a studio locator on the top right corner that helps to locate the nearest studio.

  1. The Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge is one of the leading Lash Salons in the US that helps customers achieve their style goals through an extensive network of 106 Salons and 550 Stylists. The website has a grape and white color theme that gives a refined look. It displays high-resolution candid pictures of models and happy customers on the homepage. This echoes the experience of wearing their products.

The most appealing part of their homepage is visual storytelling. With just three intricate slides, they aim to make the customers understand what they can encounter after walking into their stores. An Instagram feed at the bottom adds to the flare.

What We Learn

The best eyelash websites let people know who they are and what they do right away. They use high-quality photos and videos to transmit the feel of wearing eyelashes. Most eyelash websites display a closeup of models wearing their eyelashes. It beautifully succeeds in giving an intimate experience. The use of a beautiful color palette and intuitive website layout helps to make things more thrilling. The color scheme of the website is synchronized with the brand’s logo to further elevate the visibility.

As a brand owner, your aim should be more than just selling your products or services through the website. Adding valuable content like high-resolution pictures, blogs and videos can enhance your website’s presence in your niche.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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