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Best gentle eyelash extension cleansers and removers for wholesale

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Key Lashes is the number one location for the best eyelash extension cleanser. Our products are formulated with high-quality ingredients to gently and effectively cleanse and remove lash extensions.

Eyelash extension professionals require mild ingredients and efficient removal products to use on their client’s delicate eye areas. That’s why Key Lashes products are the best eyelash cleansers available: our range of cleansing products range from liquid, creams, gels, and foams to primers, oils, and sprays.

No matter your eyelash cleansing needs, there’s an Key Lashes product perfect for your business. Our collection includes a powerful gel eyelash extension cleanser, an eyelash extension primer to remove grease and improve extension adhesion, a gentle foam cleanser to remove eye makeup, and much more.

We meet all the benchmarks of a strong and reputable B2B brand that include providing a stable link in your supply chain for professional quality eyelash cleansers, eyelash glue, eyelash accessories and false eyelashes.


Our excellent eyelash cleansers clean effectively and rinse away completely. They won’t leave any residue that can interfere with eye makeup. Using ordinary makeup removers are seldom lash-friendly, and part of successful marketing of these products involves educating your customers about the different cleaning products and the risks of dirty eyelashes.

eyelash extension shampoo

Eyelash Extension Shampoo

This gentle eyelash cleanser acts as a mild shampoo to remove stains, oils, and dirt from natural and artificial lashes as well as the skin around the eye. With nourishing plant extracts and gentle surfactants that are suitable for all skin types, this easy-to-use cleanser will condition the lashes as it cleanses.

No need to worry about damaging your clients’ eyelash extension glue. The delicate and mild formula of this eyelash shampoo won’t affect any adhesive on the eye while still effectively removing any makeup or stains. The convenient pump applicator makes it easy to saturate a cotton pad or ball with the cleanser and wipe away any debris in just a few seconds.

  • Gentle cleanser for eyelash extensions and makeup
  • Removes stains without drying the skin
  • Convenient pump for easy dispensing
  • Does not affect extension adhesive
  • Contains nourishing plant extracts
  • Cleanses eyelashes of stains, oil, and other debris
  • Conditions natural and artificial lashes
  • Softens and cares for skin around eyelashes
eyelash extension primer

Eyelash Extension Primer

Our lash extension primer removes the oil and dirt from your clients’ natural lashes before they apply extensions and eye makeup. The primer comes in a 10 ml size and has a two-year shelf life for unopened containers and a six month shelf life for opened containers.

To prime clients’ lashes for extension application,  our Lash Primer and Degreaser is an effective and easy-to-use solution. This gentle primer removes keratin, oil, and fats that stick to the eyelashes over time, removing cosmetic residue or leftover eye cream.

This fragrance-free eyelash extension cleanser and degreaser improves the longevity and adhesion of eyelash extensions by eliminating the buildup of products and oils that accumulate on eyelashes over time. With a precise tip applicator and a gentle, yet effective formula, the eyelash extension primer is the best eyelash extension cleanser for priming the eyelashes and improving extension wear time.

  • Primes lashes for extension application
  • Removes oils, fats, keratin from eyelashes
  • Gently and thoroughly cleanses lashes
  • Improves adhesion of extensions
  • Suitable for those sensitive to fragrance
eyelash cream remover

Eyelash Extension Cream Remover

The plant-based squalane and grape seed oil in this eyelash cream remover work quickly to dissolve eyelash extension glue and remove adhesive residue.

With its gentle ingredients and creamy consistency, there’s no need to worry about accidentally getting it in a client’s eye. The high viscosity formula makes it easy to precisely apply the cream wherever it’s needed, and only a small amount of cream is required to remove extensions.

Apply a small amount of the cream remover to the eyelash adhesive and wait one minute before removing with tweezers, brushes, cotton swabs, or other tools. The cream leaves no white adhesive residue and eliminates all traces of extension glue quickly and effectively.

  • Quickly removes artificial eyelashes in 1 minute
  • Creamy, viscous texture for precise application
  • Gently dissolves eyelash adhesive with no white residue
  • Does not damage natural lashes
  • Contains gentle squalane and grape seed oil
  • Long-lasting, only a small amount needed for each application

Eyelash Gel Remover

Key Lashes Eyelash Gel Remover is perfect for quickly dissolving extension adhesive and removing artificial lashes promptly and efficiently. The bottle comes with a precise pointed applicator to make it easy to apply only where it’s needed. Plus, the high-viscosity gel stays put, reducing the risk of eye contamination and improving convenience.

This eyelash extension cleanser is suitable for the removal of all glue strengths and dissolves adhesive in 1-2 minutes. It’s perfect for dye- or fragrance-sensitive clients with its transparent and fragrance-free formula. No matter the extensions, our Eyelash Gel Remover can get rid of them quickly and easily.

  • Effectively removes adhesive in 1-2 minutes
  • Precise applicator for application exactly where you want it
  • High viscosity gel won’t spread into eyes
  • Transparent and fragrance free
  • Suitable for all glue strengths
  • Only a small amount of product needed for removal
eyelash foam shampoo

Eyelash Foam Cleanser

For a convenient and gentle way to remove eye makeup and cleanse both natural and artificial lashes, our foam eyelash cleanser is a luxurious and effective choice. Its tear-free and no-rinse formula won’t irritate your client’s eyes or leave an unpleasant residue, while its gentle surfactants and rich, dense foam will effectively remove even heavy makeup.

Simply remove contact lenses before use and massage an appropriate amount of foam on each eye for 15 seconds to easily wipe away makeup, oil, dirt, and other debris. No need to scrub or pull on delicate eye skin; instead, gently use a cotton pad or tissue to remove.

With mild cleansing agents and a formula specifically designed for sensitive eye skin, our Eyelash Foam Cleanser is perfect for everyday removal of eye makeup and other debris.

  • Tear-free and rinse-free formula
  • Gently removes eye makeup
  • Convenient pump dispenses rich, dense foam
  • Non-irritating, suitable for all skin types
  • Formulated specifically for the sensitive eye area
  • Will not dry out skin around eyes
lash sanitizing spray

Lash Sanitizing Spray

Perfect for easy disinfecting of hands or eyelash application instruments, our Lash Sanitizing Spray conveniently dispenses disinfectant to clean the most important tools in your kit in just a few seconds. Its mild, effective formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

Whether you need to quickly disinfect your hands or one of your utensils, the Lash Sanitizing Spray can do the job. Reduce the risk of contamination, disease, and infection by keeping your instruments clean. The convenient spray applicator can be easily used on surfaces and instruments of all sizes, making it a must-have for any eyelash salon.

  • Disinfects hands and instruments
  • Convenient spray applicator
  • Protective plastic cover for spray
  • Mild and suitable for all skin types
  • Easy way to disinfect hands or lash utensils quickly
  • Reduces risk of disease, cross-contamination, infection

Best Eyelash Cleanser and Remover for Eyelash Extensions

Key Lashes has a wide collection of excellent eyelash cleansers to cleanse both natural and artificial lashes as well as remove eyelash extensions. Our range of cream, gel, and foam formulas fit every eyelash cleansing need, while the high-quality ingredients and convenient formulations of each product are sure to impress both you and your clients. Plus, there’s no minimum order quantity when you use our logo. Contact us today and place an order for your salon or eyelash studio

RoHS and MSDA Complied

All our cleansers have RoHs, CE and MSDA certification. And our factory have been certified under ISO9001:2015

Tested by Professionals

Over 200 professionals have tested our lash extension cleansers. Our products have been accepted by technicians, salons, training schools from the United States, German, Russia and France.

best eyelash cleanser and remover for eyelash extensions
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