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our eyelash extension kits

Our lash extension kit are designed for professional use by lash makers. In the hands of an experienced master, our eyelashes help to create any image for the client. The product range allows you to carry out all types of extensions, necessary materials and tools. We offer reasonable prices, premium quality products, and fast delivery.

The Student Kit is perfect for a master who has recently started discovering the process. It is also ideal for people who want to buy tools for eyelash extensions at home. The kit contains necessary materials, the use of which will be easy to understand.

The Starter Kit contains a standard set of tools and materials for getting started with the eyelash extension. These are already complete sets of our products that will help you complete the build-up procedure correctly, without losing sight of any stage. The procedure will be made with all the nuances from the start till the end, and the result will surely please you and your client

The Professional Kit is intended for advanced lash makers. It is desirable to purchase this set in order to perform the procedure for money. Its main difference from the basic set is that there is an expanded list of materials. For example, there may be decorative details that are suitable for creating a unique style.


best eyelash extension kit

Fast delivery

Fast turnaround is one of key focuses. For most of our orders, we ship within 1-3 business days. And we choose the most trusted shipping company DHL and FedEx to ensure fast and safe delivery.

strict inspection

Our facotry have ISO 9001:2000 QMS certification which offers you a greater sense of expected quality. And we apply strict inspection before shipping to make sure your kits compliance with your reqirements.

Custom packaging

We offer private label and eyelash extension kit packaging design to help your business to get recognized.

Tailored to your eyelash BUSINESS

No mattter what kind of business your are runing, you can always find the right eyelash kits in our collection

Eyelash Training Schools

We provide a full range of eyelash kits for teaching and practicing. You can also customize your kits for your training.

Spa & Salons

Our professional kits allows you to provide first-class services to your customers. We can also help build an exclusive salon product line for you.

Eyelash Studios

Customized premium lash kits are a solid presence of your studio’s ability. We offer both classic and volume kits to meet your specific needs.

Beauty Stores & Boutiques

Expand your products and services with our eyelash products to increase more sales and repeat customers.


Get the best value on our rofessional eyelash extensions, lash care products, adhesives, accessories, and fully customized lash kits

Home Starters

Our home staters friendly kits provides everything essential for your to have a easy start. Best choice to save money and time.

Eyelash Extension Student Kit #1

Perfect for a beginner Lash maker as our kits contain the most necessary and superior materials. You will appreciate the convenience of working with these materials. Buy and experience, we wish you a successful start!

eyelash extension student kit 1

Eyelash Extension Student Kit #2

This student kit contains all the tools and materials necessary for eyelash extension. It is the perfect solution for novice money-making lash makers. Let your first build-up procedures become a little easier!

Eyelash Extension Starter Kit #1

Eyelash extension is a more exciting process than it might seem at first glance. In many ways, the success of the master of eyelash extension depends on the materials and tools with which she works. This Starter Kit#1 contains the materials necessary for high-quality, fast, and convenient work.

eyelash extension starter kit 1

Eyelash Extension Starter Kit #2

At present, the procedure of eyelash extension is incredibly popular. The materials for it are in high demand. What do you need for eyelash extensions, and what specific accessories should you buy? The average version of the Beginner Kit #2 will be your best friend and provide all the necessary instruments

eyelash extension starter kit 2

Eyelash Extension Professional Kit #1

Everyone knows that lashes are responsible for an expressive look. An elite version of the Professional Kit #1 for the professional masters is comes to your rescue! Buy and work successfully with a pleasure!

eyelash extension kit for professionals

Eyelash Extension Professional Kit #2

We already see a spark in your eyes, so let guess what do you need for eyelash extensions? The most VIP version of a Professional Kit #2 for a modern lash maker! The set contains all the most expensive and high-quality items, starting with silicone tape and personalized tweezers.

eyelash extension professional kit 2

Customize Your Eyelash Extension Kit

You are free to customize your eyelash extension kit. We offer insanely convenient extension kits that are already fully stocked for you. Without specialized equipment, both you and your clients will be uncomfortable during the eyelash extension procedure. That is why it is so essential to create the most comfortable working area. Here is a list of everything necessary for a professional. You can choose from our comperhensive product range of mink lashes, eyelash extensions, eyelash adhesive, cleansers and removers, and other realted products.

classic eyelash extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions

3D eyelash extensions

3D Eyelash Extensions

5D Eyelash Extensions

Flat Lash Extensions

Camellia Lashes

Self Fanning Lashes

laser lashes

Laser Lashes

Colored Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extension glue-SPEEDY 5ml

Eyelash Extension Glue-SPEEDY 5ml

eyelash extension glue-SPEEDY 10ml

Eyelash Extension Glue-SPEEDY 10ml

Eyelash Extension Glue-STRONG 5ml

eyelash extension glue-STRONG 10ml

Eyelash Extension Glue-STRONG 10ml

eyelash extension glue-BEGINNER

Eyelash Extension Glue-BEGINNER

eyelash extension glue-CRYSTAL

eyelash glue booster

eyelash extension primer

Eyelash Extension Primer

eyelash extension cream remover

Eyelash Extension Cream Remover

eyelash extension gel remover

Eyelash Extension Gel Remover

eyelash extension foam shampoo

Eyelash Extension Foam Shampoo

lash sanitizing spray​

Lash Sanitizing Spray​

eyelash extension sealer

Eyelash Extension Sealer

eyelash extension pe tape

Eyelash Extension PE Tape

Medical Micropore Tape

eyelash glue holder

Eyelash Glue Holder

hydrogel eye patches

Hydrogel Eye Patch

glue ring for eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extension Tile

Eyelash Extension Organizer

Jade Stone

eyelash extension mannequin head

Eyelash Extension Mannequin Head

eyelash mapping stickers

Eyelash Mapping Stickers

practice lashes

Practice Lashes

Eyelash Extension Tile

eyelash extension brush-fiber

Eyelash Extension Brush-Fiber

eyelash extension brush-silicone

Eyelash Extension Brush-Silicone

micro swabs for eyelash extensions

Micro Swabs

usb mini fan air blower for eyelash extensions

Usb Mini Fan Air Blower

eyelash air blower

Eyelash Air Blower

eyelash extension silicone pad

Eyelash Extension Silicone Pad

eyelash extension tweezer-KL01

Eyelash Extension Tweezer-KL01

Eyelash Extension Tweezer-KL02

Eyelash Extension Tweezer-KL03

Eyelash Extension Tweezer-KL04

eyelash extension tweezer-KL05

Eyelash Extension Tweezer-KL05

Eyelash Extension Tweezer-KL06

Create your best eyelash extension kits with us

If you are a novice master, our qualified managers will help you choose and buy materials for eyelash extension kit for further work. In case if you wish to customize or switch certain elements, you are more than welcome to do it! The catalog contains a large selection of lashes of various lengths, thicknesses, and curls. We guarantee the safety and high quality of our products.

We wish you to see the bright eyes of your clients and only with amazing eyelashes! All the necessary materials for the work of the mastery eyelash extension and lash extension kit for any taste, you will find in our store. If you have any questions, do not hesitate and contact us right away!

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