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Real mink, faux mink and silk eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extension Wholesale

Any styles, types, volumes and materials of eyelash extensions you need, we are the eyelash extension vendor you need. We wholesale eyelash extensions in wide range of lengths, thicknesses and types of curls. When you want high quality eyelash extensions that look great and last a long time, we are the company to call. Our eyelash extensions range from 5 millimeters to 20 millimeters in length with diameters of up to 0.30 millimeters in thickness and up to 9D lashes in volume. Plus, we have a wide array of eyelash extension curl types including B, C, D, I, J, L, M and U. We supply any type of eyelash extensions you want and need.

Eyelash Extensions Curls

B curl, C curl, D curl, I curl, J curl, L curl, M curl, U curl

Lenghts and Thickness

Length: 5mm to 20mm Diameter:0.03mm to 0.3mm


Professional And Experienced Eyelash Extension Supplier

Why Choose Us As Your Eyelash Extension Supplier

Superior Quality​

We manufacture the most diverse range of eyelash extensions and supplies using the highest standard materials to make sure your purchase reliable and durable. We only choose top quality Korean PBT materials which is the best choice for lash extensions.

Enhance Service

We are commited to provide efficent and effective services to our customers. Our 8 years expericences as a successful eyelash extension vendor make us your best possible choice for your eyelash business. Our services includes: OEM, ODM, private label, dropshipping, custom packaging, easy refund, fast turnaround and quick respond.

100% Handmade

A premier source of 100% handmade eyelash extensions produced using only high-quality PBT materials, these ROHS and CE approved materials make eyelash extensions strong and moisture resistant.


Happy Customers


On Time Delivery

8 Years+

Manufacturing Experience



Comperhensive Eyelash Extension Supplies

classic eyelash extensions

Classic Lash Extensions

These are beautiful, easy-to-use lashes that bring out the beauty of any size or shapes eyes

Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lashes look fuller, thicker and more attractive. Come in a wide range of 2d, 3d, up to 10d

easy fan lashes

Easy Fan Lashes

Creates a perfect fan effect in a flash. Save 30% grafting time comparing with other lash extensions

Camellia Lashes

Integrated with lashes of three to five different lengths. Fuller than Classic lashes. Each row mimics natural lashes with 3 different length lashes.

Flat Lash Extensions

When placed on the lash base they help create a much better bond between the eyelash extension and the natural lash and leads to longer-lasting retention

laser lashes

Laser Lashes​

These laser lashes are the newest, most innovative eyelash extensions available today. Produced using advanced technology, they have a 1.5 longer shelf life

eyelash extension glue

Eyelash Extension Glues

Professional grade adhesive for eyelash extensions that cures in as little as from0.5 to 2 seconds

Eyelash Glue Booster

Accelerate the work of glue. Significantly extends eyelash extension wearing period

Eyelash Extension Cleanser

Removes oils and stains on eyelash extensions with high efficiency; Moisturizing and non-irritating

Eyelash Extension Coating

Enhances durability of eyelash extension by 50% to 100%; Gives lashes a nicer and more natural look

lash sanitizing spray​

Lash Sanitizing Spray

Sterilizes hands and tools before lash treatments; Provides a safer condition for lash treatments

eyelash extension primer

Eyelash Extension Primer

Removes oils and proteins from eyelashes and increases adhesion of eyelash adhesive; Provides better performance for extension adhesive

eyelash extension remover cream

Eyelash Extension Remover Cream

Mild and non-irritating formula; Non-runny creamy formula keeps it out of eyes; Quick dissolving adhesive on eyelash extensions in 15-30s

eyelash extension gel remover

Eyelash Extension Gel Remover

Dissolves adhesive on eyelash extensions quickly in 15-30s; Non-irritating, harmless to eyelashes and eyes.

eyelash extension foam shampoo

Eyelash Extension Foam Shampoo

Mild, tear-free, and no-rinse formula suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin; Rich, dense and super long-lasting foam with excellent cleansing effect and no irritation

Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Made of premium stainless steel; Excellent closure & grip, proper tension and ultra-fine tip

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What Our Customers Say

We are enthusiastic about your products, what does it cost us to have our own logo? We would be interested in the Super Flat Lash with 2D effect, of which we would like to order 50 boxes with MIX (7-15) C-Curl, thickness 0.15, as well as the PRE-MADE Lashes 5D C-Curl, thickness 0.07 again 50 boxes MIX (7-15). What would these costs and what would the transport cost? We look forward to hearing from you again and wish you a nice day today.
Shirley P
I aready tested your silk lashes and was very satisfied with the results. I am opening a new studio in CA, and would like to order your lashes and other stuff.
Terry F
United States

Top Vendor for Your Eyelash Business

eyelash extension materials

Attractive, Effective And Long-Lasting Lash Extensions

When you order your lash extensions from us, we will show you what good, high-quality  lash extensions should look like. Not only are our lash extensions strong, attractive and easy-to-use, people are able to regularly use them for 6 to 8 weeks or more. The high-quality PBT materials from which our 100% handmade lashes and lash extension supplies are created enable them to handle moisture and everyday use. Plus, every eyelash is neatly and evenly aligned, there are no missing, floating or stray hairs and no clustering. They are comfortable to wear and have precise curvature and long curve retention time.

Vast Experience And Superior Workmanship

Our team at Key Lashes has over 8 years of experience designing, developing, and manufacturing strip eyelashes, eyelash extensions and supplies. Our expertise and superior workmanship enable us to create lash extensions that are natural black with no shine or blue undertone. Plus, our lash extensions are clean, dust-free, comfortable, and don’t cause allergies or irritation. They have perfect demeanor with all the lashes the same height and on one vertical and horizontal plane visually. Our eyelash extensions and accessories consistently get rave reviews from beauty stores and the consumers that use the eyelash extensions.

eyelash extension factory of keylashes
Keylashes at trade show as an eyelash extension vendor

A Sterling Reputation as a Major Eyelash Extension Vendor

At Key Lashes, we have earned a sterling reputation for producing high-quality, innovative, eyelash extensions, and eyelash extension supplies since the company was established in 2015. We are known worldwide for professional service, a stable supply of a vast array of excellent eyelash extensions and related products, and the ability to meet the diverse needs of an international client base. Our production facilities are capable of quickly and accurately manufacturing vast amounts of excellent eyelash extension related products at the industry’s most affordable prices.

Innovative Design And The Newest Technologies

Our team at Key Lashes is continually designing, researching, and developing innovative new eyelash extensions and related products. Plus, we regularly invest in the latest and best new technologies to ensure we give our customers access to some of the best eyelash extension and eyelash extension related products available today. Our unique combination of experience, expertise, style, successful eyelash industry product lines, new ideas and technologies, and professional service has enabled us to satisfy a growing global market for innovative eyelash extensions and related eyelash extension supplies.

eyelash extension design keylashes

We Accept Any Size Order

We are the only eyelash extension manufacturing company you need to call when you want large or small orders of the best eyelash extension products on the market today. While our standard order is 30 trays or more of eyelash extensions, we also manufacture and ship orders for small quantities of eyelash extensions and supplies as well. We have a short turnaround time on all bulk orders. We can ship small orders in 3 to 5 business days and extremely large bulk orders in 10 to 14 business days. Plus, we have reliable shipping to even the most obscure locations in the far-flung corners of the world.

At Key Lashes, we are your excellent source of the best eyelash extensions and supplies on the market today. We ship quality products of any size to eyelash distributors, eyelash studio, eyelash training school, eyelash store, eyelash salon, beauty store, and home starter all over the world. If you are looking for a dependable wholesale source of eyelash extension and accessories, give us a call today.

Private Label

We accept OEM & ODM orders. Order under your brand, connect with your customers


You can do dropshiping with us to minimize your risk. We provide strong support behind your business

Easy Refund

As long as your order is in good condition, you can ask for return

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