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Eyelash Extension Glue: Strong

The Strong Glue is a high performing adhesive designed for professional artists. This product is created from a unique formula to provide maximum strength and high retention eyelashes. You can be absolutely certain that your clients will come back satisfied when they see the strong performance delivered by the Strong Glue eyelash. The quick dry time of just 1 second allows users to speed up the process of applying the lashes. Our Strong Glue adhesive can last for up to 8 weeks after application. A high humidity tolerance of 40 to 70 per will ensure your customers feel comfortable in most climatic conditions.

The Strong Glue can be used to apply premium eyelashes of all colours and types. The black colour of the glue syncs perfectly with your natural eyelashes making it difficult for anyone to guess that extension eyelashes have been applied. It also provides greater flexibility than Beginner Glue and Crystal Eyelash Glue. Our Strong Glue has been specifically designed to work for volume eyelash extensions but it also works perfectly with classic eyelash extensions. This provides a single eyelash extension glue that can be used for all types of eyelash extensions. The Strong Glue comes in 5ml and 10ml bottles.

eyelash extension glue with packaging

Eyelash Extension Glue: Speedy

Speed Glue is our signature offering for those who need fast and efficient eyelash extension application solutions. It comes in a natural black colour that provides a realistic appearance even after applying the artificial extension eyelashes. The glue dries out in just 0.5 to 1 second which allows professional artists to quickly attach the artificial eyelashes to the natural eyelashes of their customers. Many companies promise to provide speed glue adhesive but none can match the quality and effectiveness offered by Speed Glue of Key lashes.

We have used sophisticated technology to arrive at the formula of Speed Glue. This helps us to retain the same quality when it comes to delivering the strength and performance offered by other eyelash extension adhesives of Key Lashes. It provides a significant improvement in efficiency when it comes to handling multiple clients in a day. With the Speed Glue, we have addressed the growing demand for a quick eyelash extension adhesive by professional artists. We are proud to say that we have done this without compromising on the industry standards laid down by the competent authorities.

eyelash extension glue with packaging-SPEEDY

Eyelash Extension Glue: Crystal

Our Cyrstal Eyelash Glue is an industry standard transparent and fast drying eyelash glue. The high quality transparent glue gives customers the option to discreetly apply any false eyelashes without making the glue visible, irrespective of the type and material of the eyelashes. It works perfectly with any colour and glitter eyelash extensions without altering the effective look of the lashes. It can be set instantly and does not crystallize or brittle.

At Key Lashes, we designed a unique formula to make it easy for users to apply the eyelash glue. The Crystal Eyelash has a fast curing time of one second and if applied correctly can hold the eyelashes for up to 8 weeks. The eyelash glue comes in 5ml bottles and can last for months as only a thin line is required in every use. The Crystal Eyelash Glue is one of our most popular offerings and has seen a consistent rise in sale over the years.


Eyelash Extension GLue: Beginner

The Beginner Glue is the perfect eyelash glue for novice customers who want to experiment with eyelash applications. The best part about Beginner Glue is that it is paraben-free and does not cause allergies or irritations. Most chemicals that contribute to fumes and itches on the skin have been omitted from our high quality formula that goes into making this Beginner Glue. It is a smart buy option that you can provide to your customers. The Beginner Glue is comparatively easy to apply than our other professional grade eyelashes that have been exclusively designed for professionals.

Once the Beginner Glue is applied it will allow the false eyelashes to hold for up to 3 to 5 weeks. Completely safe to use and comfortable on the natural eyelashes the curing time for the Beginner Glue eyelash adhesive is up to 3 seconds. This enables the users to carefully adjust the glue and spread it evenly on the strip of the eyelash before it dries out. What this does is it prevents the false eyelashes from getting damaged. It comes in a bottle of 5ml, making it portable and easy to carry.

eyelash extension glue with packaging-BEGINNER

Eyelash Glue Booster

Glue Booster is an incredible glue activator that works well with all types of lash glues. Extreme temperatures and low humidity levels can impact how the eyelash extent glues work. Moderate climatic conditions are required to ensure the effective application of adhesive. Keeping this in mind we designed the Glue Booster that helps to mitigate the adverse impact of the surrounding environment. It significantly accelerates the coupling of extension eyelashes with the natural eyelashes. With the Glue Booster the fans get fixed easily and the glue dries very fast.

We used innovative technology to design the Glue Booster. No harmful chemicals or synthetic materials have been added, allowing for comfortable wearability of extension lashes. The Glue Booster is a perfect add-on for our Beginner Glue and Crystal Glue eyelash extension adhesives. It can extend the durability of eyelashes by up to 2 weeks. The Glue Booster is easy to apply, making it advantageous for even beginner artists. Only a thin line is required which allows one 15ml bottle of Glue Booster to last long.

eyelash glue booster with packaging

Best Vendor for Eyelash Glue Solutions

We are a leading brand providing eyelash extension glues of professional standards globally. Our company has developed carefully formulated processes that are aimed at delivering the best adhesive solutions for lash extensions. Limited use of chemicals and artificial synthetics in Key Lashes adhesives help to create products that exhibit high safety standards.

Our company has been offering a diverse range of eyelash glue wholesale products of a premium grade for close to a decade. We understand the industry requirements like nobody else and we feel delighted to share our valuable experience with each of our clients. This is done by offering our specialised range of products that include Strong Glue, Beginner Glue. Crystal Glue, Speed Glue and Glue Booster.

Our manufacturing facilities conform to specified measurements to deliver products that are high on consistency. Our approach has enabled our clients to form long-standing relationships with their respective customers. It has eventually translated into a mutually beneficial business relationship with our clients. To make it more exciting we also take orders for private label eyelash glue that allows you to sell the products under your brand name.

Why Choose Us as Your Eyelash Glue Vendor

All our products adhere to strict quality control standards. This helps us to deliver professional grade eyelash glues to our clients that are efficient and easy to apply. Along with this there are several factors.

- 01

8 years of experiences

We have a dominant presence in the eyelash industry for over 8 years. This has equipped us to better understand your needs and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

- 02

ROHS, CE, MSDA certification

All our eyelash extension wholesale products conform to the necessary RoHs, CE and MSDA certifications. You can be assured of the quality of our best eyelash extension glues.

- 03

No minimum MOQ

The best part about ordering from us is that we do not have any MOQ. We only need a minimum MOQ of 50 if you need private label eyelash glues.

- 04

Tested by professionals

Each product is tested on several parameters by a panel of experts before releasing it into the market. The lash extension glues are manufactured using superior technology with inputs from industry experts.

- 05

Recognized by the market‚Äč

Our product is used extensively in the market and has been appreciated by all the segments of the industry. You can directly benefit from this by ordering eyelash glue wholesale products from Key Lashes.

Contact us for Eyelash Glue Wholesale Products

We exercises utmost importance on delivering salon grade lash extension glues that allows our clients to sell and build a strong customer base. Our products are authentic and have been tried by thousands of customers across the globe. We are a reliable and recognised eyelash glue vendor in the global market.

If you are looking for the best eyelash extension glues available then you should place an order with us. At Key Lashes, we can supply large order quantities and provide the shortest delivery periods in the industry. To discuss it further, you can write to us at info@keylashes.com.

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